Laser Pointer Microscope- View a Tiny Water Wonderland!




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There's a tiny world waiting to be discovered!有了一些简单的材料和工具,我们可以一瞥这个世界。This laser pointer microscope will let you see the tiny microbes in a drop of pond water.Sound fun?Let's go...


I used tools and materials that I had on hand- feel free to substitute and improvise.基本概念很简单——用激光照射一滴水,然后用水滴的球形透镜将水滴的内容图像投射到一个平面上。We will build a frame to hold our laser pointer and aim it at a drop hanging from the end of a syringe.To accomplish that we'll need-

Wood- I used a piece of 1x2 lumber that I had in my shop.




Scraps of Aluminum Extrusion- I used some scrap bits of aluminum to create a laser holder.我用了1/2“渠道股票和1/2”角度股票,我有周围的商店,but you can be creative here- the goal is to hold the laser firmly and to have a way of keeping the button pressed.

You will also need a few tools to make holes and cut materials.I used a power drill and a jigsaw,but you can use whatever you have access to.I also used a screwdriver,hammer,ruler and sandpaper.

Finally,I used screws and fasteners I had on hand.Use what you have.


The bottom frame will hold the laser and provide a pivot point for the top frame arm.I used a 5" section of the 1x2 lumber.I added a 1 1/2" piece as a spacer and attached it with 1 1/4" 3D finishing nails.I sanded all the cut edges of the wood to prevent splinters.


Now we'll attach the laser holder.I cut a 1 1/2" section of the 1/2" aluminum channel.这将使激光保持松弛。I cut a 1/2" piece of the aluminum angle to act as a shim to hold the laser firm and press the button down.我用砂纸把铝片的边缘打磨光滑。I also drilled two holes with a 7/64" bit and attached the laser holder frame with two #4 x 3/8" phillips pan-head screws.


我用8 x 1-1/4”Phillips盘头螺钉将1X2木材的另一段5”连接到隔块上。I pre-drilled the piece at one end with an 11/64" drill bit so that the top frame part will swivel.我用7/16”钻头在枢轴块上钻了一个导向孔,以防止木头裂开。

Step 5: Adding the Syringe

I drilled a hole to hold the syringe with a 9/32" bit.This is big enough to let the syringe slide up and down in the hole.I used a 3/4" binder clip to hold the syringe at the desired level.

Step 6: Adjusting and Testing the Microscope

现在是测试和调整它的时候了。The syringe can be filled with pond or puddle water now and the laser can be installed and turned on.Push the syringe just enough so that a drop of water hangs down from the tip.The top frame can swivel back and forth and the syringe can be raised and lowered until the drop of water is aligned perfectly with the laser.将光束指向一个白色的垂直表面,看看会发生什么(这在黑暗的房间里效果最好)。Check out the video above to see the microbes swimming around in a drop of puddle water!Experiment with different water sources.

警告!These are pretty weak lasers but always use caution- never point it in someone's eye (or your own)!DO NOT POINT A LASER AT AIRCRAFT OR VEHICLES (JAIL IS NOT FUN)!Also,while we used a clean syringe without a needle for this project,never touch a syringe that you find laying around to avoid injury or possible infection.Always use caution when operating power tools or using things with sharp edges.Also,过马路时,一定要吃光你所有的蔬菜,两眼都要看!



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    7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this very cool idea.


    7 months ago

    I'd like to see how the shim is used to hold the laser button down.

    Also some lasers are not meant to be on very long (I assume they aren't designed with adequate cooling).你通常会让它“运行”多长时间?

    Thanks for sharing!


    7 months ago

    I've always wondered what that pattern I sometimes see on the surface of my eye was…

    3 replies
    MarioB137 Thorondor95

    Reply 7 months ago

    这些很可能是“发霉挥发物”,随着年龄的增长很常见,尤其是当你近视的时候。It's collagen debris between the glass body that makes most of your eyeball filling and your corneas.碎片正在投射阴影。

    Thorondor95 MarioB137

    Reply 7 months ago

    I would hope it wouldn't be a result of age,I'm still in high school!

    Kenno79 Thorondor95

    Reply 7 months ago

    Pro tip: replace water drop with eyes to see that pattern reflected on the wall.


    7 months ago


    Thanks.Clever hack.


    7 months ago

    "Laser microprojector" might be a better name.


    7 months ago



    7 months ago



    7 months ago

    I made this when I was teaching 4th grade science.我有3个指针由试管架拿着,我们从学校周围取了3个样本。水盆里的那个是最好的!The kids went home and told their parents about my "laser microscopes!" One was a doctor who thought it was brilliant!