木乃伊 - 简单但可怕!

简介:木乃伊 - 简单但可怕!

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As you will witness as you go through the finished costume images and even when you look at those above, by the way the head is wrapped you can totally change the Mummy from creepy to almost...cute. I did both, using the gruesome one for my mock poster.

Many years ago I was very lucky to be in Belgium when they were running a 48 hour festival of old horror movies on the big screen and was lucky enough to see some of the great classics: The Mummy, Dracula, The Bride of Frankenstein, Cat People, The Wolf Man.... as well of the more obscure Art Cinema horror: The Queen of Spades, Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari... I managed 24 hours which I think was pretty good going.

These films relied on no or very few special effects and their sense of horror came not from gore and violence but from the distant dragging of foot along a sandy floor, the play of light and shadows on a swimming pool wall or the wail of a wolf in the night.




1 old double bed sheet or similar large piece of cotton material

2 head lampseach with one round light and side press on/off switch

1 sheer nylon stocking 'flesh' coloured

1 pair of leggings pale coloured


1笨拙但轻围巾 - 我有一个钩针编织的一次,看起来像大脑







Pair of scissors





Step 2: Prepare the Mummy Wrappings


3 tea bags of your choice - I used Pukka 'Three Cinnamon' because it had a great rich brown colour

1 teaspoon of coffee grounds

½ teaspoon of cocoa powder

Leave overnight.


By dyeing the sheet this way, you will get an uneven staining, which looks more like real wrappings and you will get residues from the tea, coffee and cocoa which add to the true dusty/sandy Mummy-look.

The sheet also has a great aroma and as I'm using all organic produce, will be kind to your skin and lungs.

Step 3: Making the Mummy Wrappings

With a pair of sharp scissors, start by making cuts every 2" at the top of the sheet, so as to cut though the hem to reach a single thickness. As I got near to the end of my material I cut two strips 4" wide, as this makes it quicker and easier to wrap the torso. Also I split one of the 2" ones into two when I came to do the hands and I used a short length of this 1" width to create the creepy face.

Tear the sheet into strips.



我用的第一贝科木乃伊服装use I wanted to make a poster and get the photo shoot done for that. It is also a good idea because the head needs to look authentic but not be too heavily wrapped. So doing the shoot meant we could work out how wearable it was because with the addition of the 'brain' the head gets hot if the wrappings are too tight and heavy.

You can see from the photos that you can get a lot of personality into the character by the way you wrap the head. If you don't make the crossover wrap on the face you leave more of the mouth slit open and can create a more lovable 'funny mummy' as you will see particularly in the image in my final step.

Start with tying the stocking in place. This covers the eyes and allows the wearer to see. With the added head height it also makes the gap left in the wrappings look like the mouth.

Next position the headlights. One each side diagonally across the brow. (see photo above)

Now begin the wrapping. I started by running lengths around the face from the jaw to the top of the head, I believe, this is meant to hold the jaw together before rigor sets in. Then I continued around the head to cover the mouth and chin.





Even without the lamps switched on you get a rather eerie reflection from the sunlight - and in our case in only one eye.



Start at the feet and work up.


Optionally paint the toe nails with a yellow coloured varnish to make the toes look embalmed and very aged.

Working on the arms and hands you have the choice to do a full-fingered wrap or the much easier 'mittens'. If you're going to a party and want to eat then go with the former but if you are pressed for time go with the mittens.

Try a few exercises when you are done to see if any gaps appear and add more wrappings if necessary.


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