One Pot Garlic Noodle With Beef and Vegetables




Introduction: One Pot Garlic Noodle With Beef and Vegetables

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Do you know that serving a full meal can be daunting and exhausting? Yet, do you know that you can prepare the meal in one pot easily and give the best taste also? After googling and searching on the internet, there are lots of garlic noodles that sound tasty. I love to improvise in cooking, so I do not get bored with serving dishes for my family. My affection for noodle from my home country motivates me to create and mix and match on cooking the noodle. Also, I love eating vegetables, but I am not a vegetarian, so most of my cooking, I always include vegetables and meat, too. Now, I will share one of my styles of garlic noodle mix with beef and some vegetables. Why not give it a try to cook for your lovely family easier, but tastier?


2 packs of dried noodle (or you can change to spaghetti)

Ground beef

Broccoli, cut into small florets

Green Collard

Frozen Corn and green pea

1 clove of Garlic, sliced thin

Corn oil

Soy sauce

Teriyaki sauce


Sesame oil

White pepper

Green onion

Celery for garnish, optional

Mozzarella Cheese for garnish, optional

Step 1: Noodles

Boil water in the saucepan. After boiling, put the noodles and stir with chopsticks until noodles are soft and cooked through. Bring out the noodles by using strainer from the saucepan. Set aside.

Step 2: Broccoli


Step 3: Prepare Sauce

In small bowl, put soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, sesame oil and mirin. Stir it to combine. Set the sauce aside.

Step 4: Cook the Dish- 1

In a large wok, add the corn oil over high heat.

Put the ground beef inside. Stir it until the beef is cooked through and no longer pink in the color. If you use high fat, do not forget to drain the excess fat.

Add garlic. Stir fry until garlic become yellowish and fragrant.

Step 5: Cook the Dish- 2

Add frozen corn and green peas.

Add green collard, broccoli, and green onions. Sauté 2-3 minutes until all the vegetables are almost tender.

Step 6: Cook the Dish- 3

Add the noodle. Add the sauce, salt, white pepper, and sugar. Stir it.

Turn off the heat.

Serve the dish on the plate.

Garnish with celery, sesame seed and mozzarella cheese, if desired.

Step 7: Result

Here is the result of One Pot Garlic Noodle with Beef and Vegetables. I hope you like it and enjoy!

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    8 Discussions


    Question7 months ago onIntroduction

    Hello. Do you know how to cook wanton noodles soup?


    Answer 7 months ago

    Sure, I know how to make it. But it will take a long explanation. I see there are a lot of recipes about this. You just have to combine several recipes into one that you like. Just google it. Make your imagination gone wild to create something new and delicious.


    8 months ago

    Looks tasty, but being vegan I'll make some substitutions. Thanks for the great recipe.


    Reply 8 months ago

    Thank you. If you are vegan, I think just omit the ground beef. The taste is very best, too. I've tried it, too, but perhaps add some more vegetables.


    Reply 7 months ago

    Ok. I had this for lunch with my wife today. It's very good. I substituted the ground beef for vegan ground and the cheese for vegan cheese.
    I was very tasty. Thanks for the ible again.


    Reply 7 months ago

    It’s been a pleasure can share something I love with others. Glad you made it.


    Reply 8 months ago

    Thank you very much.