Metallic Labels

Introduction: Metallic Labels

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Do you like nice gift tags and outstanding labels for all kind of things?
It's easy to make such tags with small effort and have a pretty outcome.
The photos cannot show the real colors and the metallic effect, but beleive me, those labels are looking cool.

It is possible to make outstanding labels, tags, front panels and much more things with the technique described in this Instructable.



  • Tin foil (smooth or textured)
  • Self adhesive transparent foillike this
  • Laminator foilslike this


Step 1: Make Some Tags

How to do it

  1. Create your pictures with your favourite drawing software
  2. Print them on adhesive transparent foil.
  3. Stick the printout on the shiny side of the tin foil you've selected
  4. Put the same into a laminator bag and laminate it
  5. Cut out the shape of your tag
  6. Maybe you want to punch a little hole to fix the tag

Ideas for tags

  • Gift tags
  • Doorbell nameplates (laminated tags are weatherproof)
  • Front panels for electronic gadgets
  • Reusable labels for jam jars (remove before dishwashing and stick on later again)
  • ...


  • 因为我们想层压板标签s, it's neccessary that your printout sticks on the tin foil. Otherwise the tag will fall apart.
  • Cutting out your tags and stick them separately on the tin foil helps to avoid air bubbles between the foils
  • Structured tin foil or smooth tin foil are depending on your application
  • Design your images with color gradient - this look cool
  • Experiment with more or less transparency to get more or less metallic look
  • Print as much tags as possible at once since the transparent foil is expensive

Try it out, they are looking like metal plates. A yellow background with black text looks like a brass label. Transparent red or pink background looks like red gold / rose gold

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