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This Instructable will cover the basics of Stop Motion Animation using the Stop Motion Studio App.

Stop Motion is way of creating moving images by filming an object and moving it slightly between each frame. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Its perfect for a rainy day activity for kids of all ages and abilities.


Two important things to keep in mind with stop motion:

  1. Place the camera on a sturdy surface or tripod
  2. Do not touch/move the camera

For IOS devices, the headphones that came with the device can be used as a camera trigger or you can use the Timer function in the Stop Motion Studio App


  • Smart phone or tablet
  • Camera Support/Tripod
  • Stop Motion StudioPro for Mobile
  • Random Toys or Paper cut-outs
  • 背景(卡片或泡沫核心)
  • Scenery (dollar store plants)


  • 远程释放(耳机)
  • 有趣的安装腻子
  • 玩DOH.

Step 1: Stop Motion Studio

The user interface is quite intuitive

Stop Motion Studio Pro允许您轻松:

  • 捕获图像
  • Import Images
  • 编辑图像
    • Add Text and Drawings
    • 将面部运动添加到乐高字符
  • Add Voice Over/Audio
  • 导出为动画GIF,视频,翻转书或图像文件
  • Reverse Sequences
  • 从序列中删除图像

Step 2: Start a New Movie


  • 打开应用程序
  • 轻敲theNew Movieicon
  • 轻敲theCameraicon
  • Take photos


To avoid touching (moving) the camera while taking photos, you can use a remote trigger or the built-in Timer function. If you are using a remote trigger like an apple watch (I haven't tried it) or headphones, skip this step.


  • 轻敲the计时器icon
  • Use the Slider to set the desired Interval
  • 轻敲the check mark above the Interval Slider
  • 轻敲the Red button to start taking photos
    • Move the objects during the interval between the images being taken
  • 轻敲the Red button to stop the process when you are done.

    Step 4: Set Up the Set

    • Set up the background and scenery for your objects to move around in
    • Aquarium and terrarium plants from a dollar store are colorful and inexpensive options for scenery
    • 基本的白色海报板used for the background here


    • 如果您想持有风景或物体到位,一点安装的腻子工作很好,轻松清理
    • Use cardstock to create a bright and colorful background


    • 将智能手机或平板电脑放在坚固的支持下。建议使用三脚架,这是一个平板电脑,在一个案例中保持良好的工作。
    • Try to place the camera at eye-level to the subject. In this case, the little dinosaurs.
    • If you are using headphones to trigger the camera, connect them now.

    Pro Tip

    • 如果您没有三脚架,Playdoh的球将支持大多数智能手机:
      • 我将Playdoh放在帖子上,使白色背景保持着红色


    These are all of the individual images that make up the Stop Motion video in the introduction. The final video is about a minute, so you do not have to capture as many images. Keep in mind, this includes a little Dino story as well as an brief introduction and supplies needed for Stop Motion.

    Aim for ~150 images to begin with. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.


      From theCapture Screen control exposure, zoom, white balance, front vs rear camera use, the grid overlay, onion skinning and timer functions

      • Place something in front of the camera
      • 拍张照片
      • Move the object slightly
      • 拍张照片
      • 重复多次
      • 〜15秒视频〜150次

      Onion Skinning或重影允许您在记录的最后一个图像上看到相机的实时视图。决定移动人物的程度有助于。

      • Use the slider on the left to change this opacitySlide up for the current camera view.
      • 滑动以查看前一帧。在中间给你一个融合两者。

        Step 8: Play Sequence

        After you have taken a 10-20 images tap the按钮查看您的电影

        Step 9: Delete Images

        To delete an unwanted image from your Timeline:

        • 点击图像
        • 轻敲on the Delete icon

        If you accidentally deleted an image:

        • 轻敲the Undo icon (the arrow under the camera icon)
        • 轻敲the Undo delete frame pop up

        Step 10: Add Images to Timeline


        • 轻敲on an image
        • 轻敲Insert Camera
        • Capture as many images as necessary
        • When you are done Capturing Images
          • 点击时间轴中的相机图标
          • 轻敲Send Camera to Endto place the camera at the end of the Timeline

        Step 11: Reverse Sequence

        Reversing a sequence is simple and can add a bit of fun to your film

        From your Timeline:

        • Press on an image
        • 轻敲Selectin the pop up menu
        • 轻敲on all the images in the sequence to reverse
        • 点击所选的最后一个图像
        • 轻敲Reversein the pop up menu

        To Undo, simply tap theUndoicon in the upper right

        Step 12: Export and Share

        • To export your Film tap on the Back Arrow on the top Left
        • Long press on the film to be exported
        • 轻敲on the Share Icon
        • 点击导出电影
        • Select the export location
        • Done!

        步骤13.: That's It!

        Those are the basics. Once you are comfortable with creating a short sequence, try the advanced features like Green Screen and adding motion to a LEGO figure's face.



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        With iPhone (never tried on Android) you can trigger the camera with the volume buttons on the headphones