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Introduction: F.P.O. Fairy Post Office

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孙女问她为什么no mail. This was my solution.

Step 1: Fairy Post Box

Granddaughter asked why she got no mail.
This was the solution.
Obtain a 10 liter oak barrel.
Prime the wood.

Step 2: Step3

Clear coat exterior with spar urethane, 4 coats.
The lock with skeleton key came from woodcraft.

Step 3: Step 2

Paint the bands with black enamel.
Stencil or free hand designs.
I cut the door with a fine tooth jig saw
Primed and painted the interior.

Step 4: Step 4

We had a downed tree limb of a good size. Coated with spar urethane also.
Placed in ground with fast2k urethane foam.
Screwed in hanger bolts and uses pvc pipe 1/2" pcs as spacers to keep wood off of wood.
Used cap nuts on inside to secure over hanger bolts
No little scraped hands.

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    Leave cookies in it.
    When my kids were small, my mom (their grandma) had a large brightly painted mail box. When the flag was up there was a special delivery in it. All the grandkids loved it.


    4 weeks ago

    That's adorable! :)