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Introduction: DnD Spellbook & Notepad

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I made a Spellbook so the Cleric could carry her spells and notepad anywhere. I updated it later with the symbol of her religion. This is the first time I made something like this so it's not perfect but I thought it would be worth sharing.

Step 1: Materials

  • Pokémon tradingcard album 2x2
  • DnD Musthaves notebook
  • Leather, about 1 m2 for the book and a thin strap to hold it close. I used pigskin
  • Dense cardboard, I used 3mm.
  • 300g paper
  • Rope
  • Needle and thread
  • Book binders glue
  • Clothespins
  • Boxcutter
  • Ruler
  • 切割mat
  • Vise

Step 2: Prepping

  • Separate the inside form the pokemon album from the outside. Mine was pretty easy because it was glued and I could rip it apart.
  • Cut out two rectangles of 22 x 17 cm for the cover.
  • Draw a line where the holes should come, the line is 5 mm from the side, the holes should be 1 cm from the top and bottom and the 3,3 cm between them.
  • Punch the holes, make sure that they’re big enough for your rope to go through.
  • Thread the rope through the holes in this pattern, you’ll need about 1m rope.
  • Make the distance between the covers 3 cm.

Step 3: Making the Spine

  • Cut out three strips of paper of 21,5 x 3 cm. Make sure that they fit perfectly in the centre of the book. Glue two of the strips together
  • Cut a strip of 21,5 x 10 cm out of the paper and glue the two strips in the middle of it.
  • Press it in the place of the spine with the strips outward. Make sure it takes the shape of the hole.
  • Glue it in place. I placed some heavy items on there while it dried.

Step 4: The Inside

  • Cut a strip of 21,5 x 10 cm out of the paper and glue the two strips in the middle of it.
  • Press it in the place of the spine with the strips outward. Make sure it takes the shape of the hole.
  • Glue it in place. I placed some heavy items on there while it dried.
  • Place the album on the line and centre it. Make sure that the top of the album is now also on top.
  • Punch holes through the paper where the holes of the album are.
  • First sew one way, then go back through the same holes.
  • Place the part with the album inside your book. Make sure that it lines out when the book is closed. Keep it in place with some clothespins.
  • One at a time, glue the sides to the insideof the cover, keep the spine loose.
  • Let dry while it’s closed

Step 5: The Leather Cover

  • In the meantime, place your book on the leather and make a rough trace. Add 3 cm at all sides and cut it.
  • Place your book between the vise and glue the leather to the spine only. Pull tight!
  • Wrap thread around the spine near the robe to make it tighter. Let dry.
  • Cut the sides of the spine in, wrap it inside and glue it.
  • Glue the leather to the sides and pull tight.
  • Cut the corners of the leather in a straight line, 4mm from the edge.
  • Fold inside, glue and tighten it.

Step 6: The Notepad

  • Cut out of the leather two pieces of 21 x 17 cm.

Front cover:

  • The front is the side the album is closest to.
  • Glue the leather string to the inside of the cover and glue a piece of leather over it to the inside of the front cover.

Back cover:

  • Cut out of the paper a piece of 15,5 x 15,2 cm.
  • Glue the paper to the inside of one of the pieces leather, 2cm from the top in the centre. With the 15,5cm vertical and 15,2 cm horizontal. Cut along the top of the paper.
  • Glue the leather to the inside of the back cover. Make sure that the paper stays clean.
  • Cut 4 cm from the cardboard back of the DnD Must Haves notepad.
  • You can now slide the notepad in the back.

Step 7: Options

  • I don’t know how these things are called, but some books have it at the spine. Just take them off one and use them to decorate your book.
  • Cut them the same size as the inside of your spine and glue them in place
  • You can paint the leather with leather dye. This will also work with an airbrush.

Step 8: Finished!

And now you’re finished, enjoy your homemade spellbook with notepad! And if you don’t have all the spells that your character uses, be sure to look at theDnD Must Haves spellcardsor even theitemcardssince they fit as well.

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    5 days ago

    Love the totally visual tutorial photos. This technique is perfect for other sizes and uses, like a bullet journal. Also, it's possible to use a leather skirt (from a thrift store) for this, lots cheaper and more available.


    Reply 4 days ago

    Love the idea of using a leather skirt, very smart! I will probably use it for another project, thanx :)


    5 days ago onIntroduction

    WOW! Nice Project! My Drow Elf could use one of those. Thank you for posting it.


    12 days ago

    那些装饰块th的脊柱e book at step 7 are called "headbands". Great and detailed guide! I plan to make this at some point with my own twist if I ever start playing D&D again.


    23 days ago

    This is amazing! I am gonna see if my mom will let me make it. I love magic related stuff!


    Reply 23 days ago

    Thank you so much!
    I would love to see it if your mom let's you make it


    23 days ago

    I follow you now. YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!


    25 days ago

    Cool! Thanks for sharing.