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Here’s a birthday present I made for my friend and fellow YouTuber Estefannie. It’s an embroidery I designed with some of her favorite things, as well as some electronics to play sound and light up the birthday candles.

去年Estefannie和我发现我们的生日只有一天,所以自然地,我们决定做一个YouTube Conlab庆祝和制作彼此的礼物。我知道Estefannie不久前搬进了一所房子,所以我决定做一些事情来帮助装饰所有新的墙壁空间。刺绣是我的自然选择,但这一次我用电脑刺绣机而不是用手做。


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我在Adobe Illustrator设计了艺术,为她最喜欢的巧克力蛋糕,顶部的生日蜡烛。

The plant-like embellishment around the cake is made with leaves that look like the state of Texas, where Estefannie calls home. And of course, I had to include her cats, Teddy and Luna, and some of her logo lightning bolts as well.

Step 2: Machine Embroidery

Brother sent me this embroidery machine a while back. I never made much with it until anew code library for making machine embroidery with Processing was released by the studio for creative inquiry at Carnegie Mellon called PEmbroider。看,刺绣软件是臭名昭着的专有的,难以使用,昂贵,而且船上默认艺术和字体只能带你到目前为止。





This is the most complex art I’ve attempted on my embroidery machine so far. I did some experimenting with the example code to pick out the best stitch settings for each element before I tried to combine them all together.

Step 3: 3D Printed Frame

I 3D printed the frame for this piece usingGeeky Faye Art's “Ultimate Picture Frame” modular design。我在Cr Beality CR10S Pro上使用了Silver PLA。我的部分之间有一个很紧密的贴合,发现我的卧板副手派上用来加入一些部分。

The embroidery then gets mounted to a sticky board made for this purpose. I wore gloves because you have to press down pretty hard and I didn’t want to get any sweat or dirt from my hands onto the clean embroidery. After wrapping the excess fabric around the back of the board, I slid it into the frame and added the last few frame pieces.


Then it was time to add the electronics. At the bare minimum, I was planning to add candle-flicker LEDs to the birthday cake, so the front of the embroidery would have some electronic flair, and who knows, maybe it will make a good nightlight.

So I poked holes and threaded the legs of the LEDs through to the back, where I added one resistor per LED and extended the wires to a small circuit board.

I found this touch board in my stash of Arduino compatibles boards, and thought it would be a great and easy way to add sound to this project as well. It’s got an SD card for mp3s and capacitive touch sensors. The code it comes with plays the sounds on the card when you touch the contacts. It’s also got a USB port for power so I can use a nice-looking cable when it comes time to hang it up. I wanted these LEDs to always be on, so I attached them directly to power instead of one of the microcontroller pins. To play the sound, I attached an audio amplifier and a speaker. I found a few different songs to put on the SD card. To extend the touch sensor contacts to the outside of the frame, I drilled holes through it and installed a few bolts and nuts. To connect to the touch board, I twisted small wires around the bolts and then applied some heat shrink tubing to hold it in place.



触摸板配有一个已经在板上的基本触摸播放的程序,但要利用RTC,我需要更新Arduino代码。我基于我对触摸板随机触摸MP3示例的修改,以帮助特殊生日功能。每个人,但Estefannie可以download my Arduino codeto see what it does, but don’t spoil the surprise for her, please!

Step 6: Finishing Touches


I’m really happy with how this turned out. She can start and stop playback with each of the four touch pads on the side of the frame, and it’ll play even more sounds when it’s her birthday. I packed it up and shipped it to Houston– watch her open it in her video.

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    9 days ago

    You look like a cool person, and youer LED lights were cool.





    Reply 14 days ago

    谢谢伊恩!是的我喜欢蜡烛闪烁LED ......没有必要的代码!



    Eeeeeeee this is adorable! Also A++++ video thumbnail :D


    Reply 14 days ago

    Thanks Jessy!!!