宝贝yoda grogu戴着帽子




Introduction: Baby Yoda Grogu Hooded Cowl


I have hacked the very popular Hooded Cowl pattern offered for Free by the wonderful Chloe Knight.

你可以找到我在这里被砍成的模式:Chloe Knight's Hooded Cowl

I have also created and inserted the pattern for the Baby Yoda ears that I made in the images, which can be downloaded and printed- you can print these to any size you like to scale down the ears, or overexaggerate them. For the size I created the top straight edge of the pattern measured 4 1/2 Inches.




  • 1/2院绿色面料为敞篷衬里和外部织物,加上耳朵外部
  • 1/2 Yard brown fabric (Lining and Outer Fabric)
  • 内耳的小粉红色织物
  • 相似大小的绗缝击球/卷,给出结构并加强耳朵。
  • 捕捉,扣紧或其他类型的闭包


  • Sewing machine/ Overlocker (optional)
  • Thread and needles, plus pins
  • Scissors/ Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • 备用纸张


The basic idea of the pattern hacking is to use any existing hooded cowl pattern and separate it into two piece, so that you can have some green fabric to represent the head of baby Grogu, and some brown fabric to represent the coat he is wearing. We will also be inserting some very cute ears into the hood as well.

Print you pattern pieces.


If your pattern includes a seam allowance in the pattern piece we will need to add to the two pieces we just separate. Tape a spare piece of paper behind the pattern pieces, and draw a line adding the width of your seam allowance to the pattern. You can see in the cowl section the extra paper that has been added, and on the hood section it has been trimmed to 1/2 an inch.

Print the ear pattern that has been added as an image here, and scaling it using the print settings if required.


Cut your fabric pieces, you will need:

  • A Green left and ride side of the hood from the inner and outer fabric.
  • 来自内织物和外部织物的牛仔罩和右侧。
  • Two Green outer ear piece
  • 两个粉红色的内耳片
  • Two quilt batting ear pieces.

Remember to mark any pattern notches of darts onto your fabric.


To construct the ear, cut out the pieces and lay them on top of each other in the following order:

  1. 击球/吹制
  2. Green Outer ear right side up
  3. 粉红色的内耳右侧


Sew around the edge leaving the end open, and then turn the ear right sides out.

Top stitch around the outer edge of the ear. If you sew half a centimetre or 0.2 of an inch from the edge the top stitching will create a nice border that replicates the cartilage rim of Baby Yoda's ear.

褶皱顶部边缘的耳朵三分之二的the way and fold the bottom edge of the ear up to meet it. Pin of clip along the edge and then sew the seam down. This stitch line will not be visible as it will be hidden inside the hood, but the can use longer basting stitches.


选择罩的外部件 - 耳朵将缝合到这些内。


The easiest way is to join the correct hood pieces and cowl pieces together first, and assembling them back into the original pattern pieces.

Pin along the seam line, and then sew or overlock the edge to make the seam.




this seam can be very bulky. if your presser foot on the sewing machine is having issue climbing over the large bump, insert a piece of scrap fabric that has been roller up under the presser foot to raise the back edge of the foot to be level with the bulky seam, and sew to close the dart.


Once both of the ear have been inserted into the outer hood and cowl pieces you can start assembling everything together.

Place both the outer hood fabric pieces right sides together and pin just like the photo- starting from the bottom edge of the cowl and pinning towards the front edge. Ensure the ears will not be caught by facing them towards to open front section.



Assemble and stitch the inner lining fabric right sides together the same way, however this time we need to leave a three inch gap in the stitch line. This will allow us to turn the entire piece right sides out once the inner and outer pieces are joined.


Pin the inner section and the outer section at the seam at the top of the hood and pin along the entire out side of the piece. We will be turning this right sides out through the hole left in the back of the hood, so the seam we are stitching now should be one continuous circle.

Ensure the ears are tucked away inside the piece and away from any pins and seams that will be sewn.



You can also use a stitch in the ditch method to sewn down the centre seam joining the inner and outer fabrics together.

Step 7: Add the Closures





You have finished creating an very cute Baby Yoda Inspired cowl.

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    4 weeks ago

    This is so well done! The stitching and the ears are lovely :)


    4 weeks ago

    I'm not a star wars fan, but that's really neat!<3